There is Alot to Choose From

Web Hosting

Not everyone has the time to manage their own web hosting, especially if they are busy growing a business. There are so many options available when selecting your place on the web, that sometimes this task can become burdensome or just not really a priority for you. For those who’s prefer to delegate hosting to a third party, I also offer my services for handling these requests. Moving your virtual presence on to my cloud hosting  keeps your server under my microscope. Therefore, I can be of immediate service should a problem arise.

Mobile access gives me 24 hour supervision of all of my client’s data. I immediately receive notifications if trouble should occur.  Upgrading server software to take advantage of security updates is also of utmost importance. However, we also want to make sure that these updates do not break what we already have. Handing off the hosting aspect to me leaves you with one less worry, and one less number you need to remember in case of an emergency.

Ask me about how it would help your business to move your site on to my own cloud servers.