Finding the Appropriate Approach

Developing an online presence can be a daunting task. There are so many alternatives for distributing your message, that it can often cause one to freeze up and just not make any decision at all. By passing the technical decisions off to me, you can feel free to make the business decisions that really matter to you and your bottom line. Often times I’ll meet with a potential client whose mind is just completely off on a tangent. If I can reel that decision maker back in from concerns over scalability or specific server architecture, I can now use my experience to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

The web consulting services that I offer are designed to take your business from an idea to a full web solution quickly and painlessly. All of the terrific tools available these days enable me to produce a prototype in a relatively very short amount of time.  However, the productive angle starts first with us having a clear understanding of each other. What I hear from most of my clients who approach me is that the prior developer just wouldn’t listen to them. I have found that the most successful solutions are a result of very clear communication and understanding between me and the client.

So before we get in to the finer details of PHP frameworks versus Ruby on Rails, let’s take a global snapshot of the business goal your are working on. From this mutual understanding, we can now work together towards producing an effective solution for solving your clients’ problems.