Some of the Technologies I Use

Here are some of the tools I spend a lot of time developing with.

php The majority of the web today is built on servers that deliver you content written in PHP. Cheaper hosting, an open software architecture, and a huge community of developers helped me make the choice of choosing PHP as the primary development language of choice. The latest PHP 5 releases are molding this language into a very comfortable development tool.
laravel-four-icon Improving on the foundation of PHP 5, Laravel has proven itself to be a solid framework for application development. By taking the best features of other frameworks like Rails and ASP.Net, Taylor Otwell has built an incredible tool for developers to create secure applications quickly.
jquery-logo As the foundation for molding Javascript into a trusted client side language, jQuery is used by sites all over the web for creating a brilliant user experience. I use this framework to deliver a smooth interaction by utilizing different techniques from AJAX calls to browser animations.
wordpress Today, WordPress claims to make up 15%-20% of the sites on the entire internet. From on-line stores to personal blogs, many people choose this tool for it’s simplicity. Sites can be launched quickly on this platform, and maintained by the owners using the WordPress Content Management System. There are thousands of plugins to choose from as well. While not always the best solution, I can help you fix or launch your WordPress sites.
bitbucket-logo Version control and sharing code with the rest of the team are made easy using a service like Bitbucket. Using private Git repositories, we will always have an accessible backup of our code. Plus, having an online repository makes deployment a breeze.